Dick and donut lover sex dating in Chelsea, MA

I might need another hand here. Any fellow gay in the area wants to help? Your Tacoma neighbor needs a hand to help me with my plants struggling with the heat. It might get somewhat humid and hot in here so don’t be surprised if I choose to dress in my birthday suit. I strongly suggest that you do the same my friend. We both know it will come down to it pretty fast anyway. My plants are obviously just a context to get you to have sex with me. What really needs a hand is my long hard stern. It could me you bloom and see in magnificent colors when I slide it inside you. And its nectar is quite tasty once you’ve stimulated it enough.

Ok joke aside, my name’s Billy, I’m indeed a resident of Tacoma in Washington south of Seattle. I am single and 38 years old bearded guy with a hippy look. I am normally quite discreet and don’t attract a lot of attraction. My anonymous profile is another indication of that. While I enjoy to have company for hookups and sex date, I enjoy being alone and single in my daily life. Wich should be quite ideal for some of you bi-curious looking for a gay to hookup without commitment or risking it being discovered. I told you earlier that I would make you bloom. It is truth, but only if you’d like to. Otherwise we could just exchange handjobs and blowjobs. But I’m pretty sure you’ll want to experience my stern inside you. We’ll see.

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