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Blow an uncut guy with tight foreskin, WA

I am JP, 38 years old and I live in the PNW in Lakewood, Washington. It’s south of Tacoma and of course of Seattle in Pierce County. I like having a big hard man coming over to me to blow my wood. I am hyper discreet about it too. As I wrote up there, I’ve got a tight foreskin enveloping my dick and I’m always looking for men to lick it …

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My hole, my pole and my soles in Edmonds, WA

Chances are you’re a bit like me and like to change your sex partners every so often. That’s one of the great things of living close to Seattle. I’ll never run ou of gays to fuck me. I say gay, but I can’t count how many heteros had their go at my ass too hehe. If you need to another confirmation, yes I am a foot fetish …

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Wish somebody catches me, nudist Olympia, WA

I don’t mind riding a couple of miles closer to Tacoma if it means getting in the most popular gay meeting and watching spots. That said, I am hoping to generate more interest towards more local spots. If you’ve never been in one of those spots, it generally involves having a quick blowjob or bareback action in the room you found the man before going your separate ways …

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Cottage Lake, WA – spread my legs and lick my feet

Or as I like to call it, my third eye ! But, don’t forget to give some attention to my feet. I am a proud foot fetish and I ain’t scared to impose it to my hook ups and be upfront about it. There are lots of ways to please me in that regard. If you’re into feet yourself, then I would not even have to explain any of this to you. But, I could always end up convincing and …

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