Humiliation from a 23 YO brat Palm Coast, FL

I don’t buy into the don’t judge a book by its cover way of thinking. At least, it does not apply to me. I project this image of a bad boy and of a fucking arrogant brat. Well turns out I am one ! I am a rocking a mullet and a small moustache to show that I don’t care about the standards of male beauty and fashion. And unlike other guys aged around 23 like I am, I refuse to groom. I come with hair and I don’t care. Just like I don’t care about being categorized in a sexual orientation or whatever. If you had to put me in one, I’d be a pan sexual as I don’t care about who I am with, as long as I am horny and that the other person turns me on.

Since I am a top, I could easily be with a woman fucking her pussy and a fucking a guy’s ass the next. I embrace the freedom and that liberty. And as you would expect from a sucker like me, I do it in a brutish and uncaring way. In other words, I treat my hook ups like my bitches. You gotta be ready for some humiliating shit. Good thing we’ll keep all of this between each other. And don’t let my young age discourage you from contacting me. I am into guys of all ages. My name’s Steelix cause my cock is hard as a steel rod and waiting to do some damage.

I am in Palm Coast just south of Jacksonville along the coast. So if you’re on the east coast, allow yourself a little vacation and humiliation.

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