Lingerie enthusiast dating in Fairfield, OH

I must admit that I love lingerie. In fact, that’s how I always suspected that I was not entirely straight. I used to go to lingerie stores with my gf to get her some stuff, but I would always be tempted to get stuff for me too. One day, she caught me taking selfies with her lingerie on. Just like the ones I’ve posted on my profile. That plus other signs pushed her to dump me. She could not be with a man who enjoys walking around in women’s lace lingerie. OK that plus the fact that I had a intimate relationship with her bestfriend witch she ended up finding about.

Anyway, that’s all in the past. I mean, she is. I am still wearing lingerie and enjoying myself and embracing that I am the one and only ManInLingerie. Plus I’ve been with many other men since then. Turns out I am more gay than I suspected. I am 28 so it’s not too late. Or I might be bi I don’t know and don’t care. I am having so much fun with gay men ! You guys are so open minded. And I love to fuck men in the ass. It is so much tighter. Plus you give the best heads and know how to enjoy my bulge and my peachy ass in my panties. Since I am still in my exploration period, I’d love to meet as many guys as possible. I am open for sex dates around Cincinnati and even to invite you at my new place in Fairfield, Ohio.

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