I'll tear your insides apart, hung white Lafayette, LA

I am always surprised that I can always find guys willing and even craving to be fucked by my monster dick. After all these years of hooking up, I’ve stopped counting the number of guys that have had an anal fissure from having sex with me. It ain’t my fault, I am just that thick. Plus, I fuck pretty hardcore. But I always warm my partner beforehand. The tip of my dick is already big enough, but the shaft is the hardest part. Think of the plugs you used to train yourself with for your first anal experiences. Well you better get bigger ones if you want to tackle my precious.

I’m Roger, a 37 years old guy in great physical shape for his age. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana and I am once again looking for more gay hook ups. I am everything except difficult when it comes to guys. You could tall, small, slim or fat, sissy or masc, whatever the color, I would not mind. All I care about is your interest in being trampled and fucked by me. It makes me feel strong and horny like nothing else. That’s why I can’t get off the dating scene. Having sex with the same guy over and over would never make it for me. I just love novelty too much. I’ll let you decide where you want me to come. Creampie, facial or chest shot.

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