Insecure black guy figuring things south of Memphis

Yo guys, I am Kennedy, hope you’ll find this BBC to your likings. I know for a fact that it is a hit amongst women. But I was wondering what you guys would think of it. This is all new to me. That’s why I am so insecure. I’ve never been with a man for the real thing, but I really want to try it out. I’ve got a few dudes in mind, but before I go ahead, I’d love to have some chats with men online first. You know, to get my bearings and maybe have some clues. We could even go on cams to chat and to masturbate.

More than anything, I’d like for you to show me your ass and to give my some tips. I’ve never given anal and I got some questions you know. As you can see, I got a pretty massive penis, so should I do anything special for example ? Next thing you know, I’ll want to meet up with you and do the real thing. And, would it be so bad ? I don’t think so. I lie in Southaven, Mississippi just south of Memphis, Tennessee and I’ll be more specific if we decide to meet up. I feel like, but just writing this, I made a few steps towards fighting this insecurity about my sexual orientation. Help me take on the next step ?

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