Washed my hand before heading back, Beaverton

This one goes out to my bros who, like me, can’t keep it in their pants on a long shift and have to wank themselves in the bathroom or in the breakroom. I just can’t resist the urge to masturbate for so long. My easiest option is the restroom. And yes, I always wash my hands before heading back to work and pretending like nothing special happened. Well technically, nothing did happen. Just a horny 23 years old getting rid of his blue balls to be more focused on the job. But I can think of more extreme ways that I could get rid of my urges at work. Like having a quick hook up in those restrooms or back store !

I won’t mention where I work on here. All I’ll say is that I live in Beaverton, Oregon in Washington County, west of Portland. You can call me Hard-Peter. I am a versa gay on the rougher side. Don’t expect me to be caring. I am suggesting that you blow me or that we fuck against a bathroom stall after all. The fun is in the adventure and the risk. As of now, I’ve only had experiences with colleagues, but they’ve had some with clients while I covered up for them. Now’s my time the collect. And you could be my bounty.

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