I’ve hit a wall. I don’t find as much pleasure in jerking off as I once had. I guess it’s the result of wanking once or twice day. It’s not as special anymore. I’ll grab it with both hands and … well I’ve put a video up for you. Just see for yourself. I’ve got this huge dick with hard balls. As of right now, they’re almost empty of cum. If that is even possible. But I intend to slack my masturbation habits in order to get ready for my next hookup. But before I do that, I must make sure to find men willing to join me in Gallup, New Mexico. It’s easier said then done since I am about 2 hours west of Albuquerque on the I-40. In fact, I am almost on the border with Arizona.

I am posting here to try my luck with guys on roadtrips or even with truckers. It’s perfect as I am not looking for any for of commitment. In fact, I only want quick hook ups, blow jobs, or at the most, a one night stand. Get your hands, your mouth and your ass around my cock. I promise that I will put more efforts and passion into fucking you than I’ve been putting into jerking off lately. It’s your chance to have sex with a blond all American looking stud ! And mine to get back on track and work my libido.

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