Showcasing my big dick online - Dover, DE

Hey there. Don’t get your hopes to high just like my cock. I’m simply here to chat and to show my big dick. In other words, I ain’t here to look for a hook up or a sex date. I’m really here to show selfies of me and my dick. Or rather, of my dick, and me beside it lol. As you can see, it takes most of the screen estate. I’m in a loving and caring relationship with my girlfriend. I would not cheat on her. But I like to boast and to show my cock around. I’m one of those guys who take too much time changing at the gym.

Sine I ain’t gay, I figured that the best place to show my cock without making her angry, would be on homo site. And as awesome as she is, she’s fine with that ! Well here I am. I’ll be showing you guys more if you come and chat with me. Don’t try to persuade me to meet you. Sorry, I am not interested in that. And don’t even send me yours. I just want to show you mine and humbly get compliment for for awesome it is. I live in Dover, Delaware FYI and I am 33 YO. You may call me the HumbleShower.

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