Macho top hooking up with for twinks near Boston

Hey yall. Any hungry bottoms on here ? More specifically in the greater Boston area ? My name is Antony, I’m 34 and I’m a power top who spends much time and effort as to be in shape. If I ain’t working or hooking up, I’ll be hitting the gym. As for why I’m here, I’ll be direct. I want to get in touch with twinks as to find new hook ups buddies. As you can see, I am a well groomed yet hairy guy. I like to keep my cock and balls baby smooth, while keeping a decent amount of chest hair to maintain that macho and hunk look that so many cute twinks seem to like. And believe me, I can be a real brute in the sack. I ain’t used to restrain myself. Get ready to be ponded hard and fast. I’ve got stamina and I hope you’re fit to receive a real barrage of thrusts up your ass. You’ve been warned, don’t even contact me if you’re looking for romance and passion. I’m here for quick and liberating hookups.

But don’t worry, I’ll take of you and make sure you’ve had the orgasm that you deserve. While I may be a real top, I love to get on my knees and to feel a hard cock in my mouth. This time, I’ll take it slow as to make sure that you have the best experience possible. After we’re done, you’ll have been fully satisfied. Cya.

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