Date a gay guy in : Massachusetts


Athletic sex with marathon runner Watertown, MA

Make sure to have a lot of lube on hand as I intend to be coming at your ass for quite a while. Think you can handle it ? In the past, I’ve had guys tapping out during sex since I took too long to come. Too bad, cause I’ve been know to cause quite a few anal orgasm too. I call it, my fun size dick. I am grateful that I ain’t too big down there otherwise …

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Hairless except for pits Medford, MA

As the title mentions, I am basically hairless except for my arm pits which are bushy and can get pretty musky if I let them and especially if I know that I will meet a guy who’s into odors like I am. I like musky men. I am hairless, but I love to have sex with hairy and smelly men. No matter their size. I could like you all over and brush your …

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Hookup with a remote worker, Waltham MA

Welcome to my home office. As you can see, I’m getting really comfortable working from home. I simply keep a dress shirt not too far in case I need to get on Zoom meeting or something. Otherwise, I work in my birthday suit. I work in finance for a big bank. In the past, I used to say that I was a trader during the day and …

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