Married dad LF secret bromance, Gastonia, NC

The title pretty much sums what I am looking for. My name’s (obliviously an allias) is TiBen, I’m 40, married and a father of 2. I’ve got a great job, a loving wife and a nice home located in Gastonia, North Carolina near Charlotte (go Panthers !). For most men, that would be an ideal situation. The problem is, that for years, I’ve been having sexual fantasies about having sex with me. Yet I’ve never tried it. Even as a kid I had some doubts, but as I was born in a religious and traditionnal family, I never gave it a real shot. Fast forward a couple of years later and I can barely pass a day without thinking about it and having regrets.

I would never leave or break my family. But I need to experience it. I could find a hook up, but it would be risky. I’d love to start with an online bromance and see if its enough for now. Chances are we’ll have to bring it to the real world have a real intercourse. Gay sex. Wow. But I want you to be ready for the possibility that it could remain online. It goes without saying that secrecy is hyper important ! Find me in the chat and let’s discuss it.

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