Naked GC in the Baltimore MD area available for jobs

I hope you don’t mind my particular choice of work clothes for this job ? Or I should say, my lack of work clothes. I am a particular kind of handyman ! Sure I’ll fix your leaking sink, but I could also help by unplugging some other orifices if you know what I mean. If we were to cross path at my local Baltimore Home Depot or other hardware store, you would never expect me to be such a naughty man. All you would see is a married middle age (I’m 40) of 5’8 with a camo or Raven cap. I don’t scream horny naked handy man who likes dirty jobs.

My wife has no clue that I enjoy toying around with cocks and guys ass. Fuck, I’m pretty sure she expects me to a homophobic. Which I am definitely since I must confess (but not to her) that I cheat on her with guys. Between you and me, it only makes my hook ups even more exciting and adventurous. So, contact me if you need a little home improvement with a little free extra on the side. Or even if you just want the extra ! I’ll arrive in my truck and with my tools so no-one will suspect a thing. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it under the table hehe.

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