Tall funny bisexuel of 41 lf tops in Sparks, NV

Hey guys. Here’s on old favorite of mine that I found on my phone. It has been a little over a year since that photo. Except, some mor gray hair, I have not changed a bit. I must say that I’m doing good for a 41 years old. Indeed, I took that selfie as a reminder of what I looked like at 40. I must say that I am still as handsome as I was. And another thing that has not changed, I am still as horny, as single and as bisexual as I was. That mostly explains the single part.

I can’t settle on being with either men or woman. So I fuck with both. Simple as that. I’m not IndecisiveJoe for nothing. Sorry mom and dad but no grand kids from me ! I make sure to use protection all the time so you can forget barebacking with me. I don’t care if it’s suppose to be less good. It is just not worth it. Anyway ! We’re her to have fun no ? I’m always looking for new hook ups in the greater Reno area. I’m in Sparks, Nevada. Get ready to feel the current between us ! Sorry for the bad punt, but at 41, I think I can make some dad jokes haha. You’d think that I would be a top, but I’m actually pretty versatile and I might even say that I’ll prioritize a top over a bottom if I had to. You guys got an advantage that women don’t. And if yours is as big as mine, or even bigger, than you’re definitely on top of the list. Ha!

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