Nasty hairy caveman dating in Oklahoma City, OK

Ouga ouga ! Look at my big caveman club. I’ve never had to, but I could crack a skull or two with this massive wood. It’s thicker than 2 of my fingers at some point. So imagine fucking your anus with three fingers, or a big eggplant, and you’ve got an idea of what it would feel like to have me inside of you. My nickname is Ouga. I’m a thick and long shafted bisexual guy of 33. I fuck with anyone whom I find attractive. That’s how primitive I am. And yes, I am indeed going with the caveman look and persona. It fits me well. And it gives me a reason to keep my hair long and untrimmed. And TBH, it works with a lot of men and women.

But here I am looking for gay men or not, interested in having a savage sex experience with me. I’m mostly a top, but I take lots of pleasure in having my hairy ass rimmed and in sucking other men’s dick. I live in Oklahoma City, OK. Not the wildest environnement, but I fit in some places of the city. I’m down for chem sex and other nasty stuff in the area. Suggest me something and chances are that I’ll be down for it.

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