Need spot for naked gay sun bathing, Burleson TX

Oops indeed. I took this nude selfie after my first day of sunbathing of the year. One day and I already have huge tan lines. It is a small price to pay to finally have a tan. Of course I could sun bathe naked, but I live in an apartment building where I could easily be seen by my neighbors. As tempting as that sound, it is not a good idea. So I thought that maybe I could post an add online to find a fuck friend who would also happen to have access to a backyard or some private area where I could so some nude sun bathing.

I say I, but of course this would be a “we” thing. As is, we both soak up the sun before we can’t hold it anymore and we got to jump on each other and have wert and hot sex. For that, we could get inside and enjoy that sweet AC. Sounds like a plan to me. I am Alexander, 29 years old, above average, short hair, groomed and with a nice body. As mentioned up there, I am in Burleson, Texas south of Dallas. Not exactly the coldest place in the USA, but, I get easily chilly ! Got any idea to warm me up ?

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