White twink chocolate bar abs big D, Nashville, TN

Hey there fellow horny men. I’m Elliott and I’m 31. Like what you see ? Got any ideas of pictures of me you’d like to take ? I could strike different poses for you. I get turned on when guys take pictures of me and dictate how I should behave. Nothing virtual however. I mean, I’ll send a couple of pictures online, but this whole photoshoot is simply a pretext to get laid afterwards. Consider it like long preliminaries. Speaking of long, just look at my third leg. Impressive right. All hard and straight. The complete opposite of me who’s rather fat and fucking gay. I’m a real fem sissy.

You might not tell from the picture. Living in Sacramento, California I mostly behave masc in public, but around gays and in the intimacy, I let my wild fem side out. You’d think California would be open to gays, but Sacramento is a special case. I should consider moving. But anyway. That explains the posing and the pictures. Obviously I don’t have the body to be a real male talent, but I’ve got the energy and the motivation to lay with you. I’m a real versa and will 100% adapt to whatever you prefer. Top, bottom or both ! As I said, I like to take directions lol. Guide me to sexual nirvana ! But not before immortalizing time together or even simply keeping a few shots of me for your collection and mine.

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