Old fashion hotel hookup, barman in Richmond VA

Hey guys. My profile title pretty much covers sums up my situation. I’m a single attractive gay dude in his prime at 34 years old. I did not plan on being barman for so long. It was suppose to last only awhile. But you know how it is with this kind of job, the money’s good and the job is fun. Much like a stripper who was doing it to pay for college lol. Problem is that my initial plan in life was to meet a nice man to be steady with. Obviously, it did not turn out as expected. I could blame it on the night shifts. But the main reason that I’m still single is that I can’t resist being hit on by pretty guys. It is physically impossible for me not to get hard just by fantasying about jumping over the counter to take them right on the spot.

It has almost become a game for me to get the key to their room after my shift. So I say fuck it! I’m having a blast so I’ll keep doing it until I finally leave this job. If I ever do. So if you’re planning a visit in Richmond for business or leisure, consider reaching me in private. Who could say no an old fashion hotel hookup without any commitment? I’ll give you the royal treatment with my highball cock and a night you won’t forget. Reach me over in the chat with my nickname HiballerVa.

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