Odor and smelly sex in the Philly metro area

Follow the light…and the scent up to your new buff daddy. I’m a strong built and hairy dude into odors and smell fetish. For me, it means that I enjoy and am looking for smelly man to sniff, but even more, I love it when guys smells my pubes. It makes me loose my mind to know that a man is enjoying the my body odor. Moreover, I get so hard and horny when I hear a dude inhaling and licking my ass, balls and armpits. Fuck it makes me feel so viril. It won’t surprise you, but I dedicate a lot of effort to train and maintain this shape. Especially since I’m 43 years old. It is well worth it ! I get to be muscular, bestial, but more importantly, it makes me sweat and generate fascinating odors. The fact that I get to have occasional sex with some gym buddies is great too.

But not everyone is into that fetish. That’s why I’m posting here. In order to find a new fuck-friend in the greater Philly metro area who’s completely devoted to odors and who likes them as much as I do. I live near Philadelphia, but I’m extending my search further in order to find the right man, or maybe men ? How great would it be to have a smell sex orgasm ! Once again, follow the scent up to the private chat. If we connect, we could exchange our old brief in the mail. You may even find a surprise in there. That will be a great tease before meeting IRL. The rest is up to your imagination.

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