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GF and I could use a hand – MF4M in Wilmington

We’re a couple of open minded and sexy people living in Wilmington, Delaware. In a sense, we could be described as bisexuals. I say that mostly for me, cause I don’t think I could be in a duo with a man. She’s got the be there to turn me on. Then I can get totally excited about a man’s touch and even his cock caressing me and teasing my ass …

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Showcasing my big dick online – Dover, DE

Don’t get your hopes to high just like my cock. I’m simply here to chat and to show my big dick. In other words, I ain’t here to look for a hook up or a sex date. I’m really here to show selfies of me and my dick. Or rather, of my dick, and me beside it lol. As you can see, it takes most of the screen estate. I’m in a loving and caring relationship with my girlfriend. I would not cheat on her. But I …

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Cute ass to fill with cum in Wilmington DE

Look at this smooth ass, how can’t you resist it any longer ?? I am Ben, a 26 year old young gay boy with a hole to die for. I am a bottom, a real one. I like my pounding raw and hard. And I like big cock with huge heavy balls full of cum ready to splash my inside ! I am living in Wilmington Delaware, sadly for me it’s quite a small city with not enough guys…

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