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What’ up homies ? Any other fit black dude in here ? Lately the only brothers I’ve had sex with fat and clearly did not take care of their bodies. I mean, I like eating tacos and friend chicken as much as any other guy, but you got to be responsible guys. Otherwise you’ll get fat ! Nobody like men boobs. Especially not me. The only breast I tolerate are firm and toned pecks. Otherwise, pass ! Call me superficial, I’ll call you fat. Health is important, and attractiveness gets you hard and laid. There, I’m FitPanther and I told you so.

So, as I was saying, I am exclusively looking for either slim or fit black dudes to have hook ups with. I’m also open to whites or latinos, but I don’t see much of you here in Detroit. But maybe this add will get more attention. That must be my fault since I don’t really hang out by the typical gay spots. Surprise ! In fact, my fam and friends don’t really know me as a gay guy. And I’ll keep it that way if you don’t mind. I’m not really ready to come out. But as I get ready to do it, I am ready to come inside your mouth or your ass. Just wait until you see my hard cock. I’ve just given you a glimpse at it while it is limp. BBC material of 28 here my man ! Send me your own nudes. Can’t wait.

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