Wanna be daddy started lifting Hendersonville, TN

That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving. I really am able to fuck my own ass with my own cock. I know, it’s pretty impressive ! I won’t lie, it took a lot of practice and some trial and errors. And no I am not a bored teenager, I really am a grown man of 32 lol. My name’s Alan now that we’re in the presentation stage and I live in Bentonville, Arkansas. Yes the Walmart place lol. Anyway, back on the matter at hands. The trick is to be excited enough to have a semi-hard dick, without having a full-on erection. Otherwise it won’t work. And then I have to prepare my anus quick enough to accommodate my thick dick head. My little secret is to use a but plug. Then all you have to do is remove it to reveal a dilated ass and ready to be stuffed. But again, it’s not that that easy lol. Plus, once I achieved I was kinda disappointed. What’s next ? There’s nothing I can do to pleasure myself beside the satisfaction of it.

At least it makes for an eye catching profile picture ! And it tells a lot about me and my kinkyness. That’s a great start. I love to try new things but I’ll male sure to find pleasures that I can share with other curious gay men for now. Perhaps I could help you out to learn how to self-fuck. But I guarantee we’ll end up having sex and we’ll be fucking each other more than we’ll fuck ourselves. If that makes sense lol. Tempted ?

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