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Still need you even if I can self-fuck Bentonville, AR

That’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving. I really am able to fuck my own ass with my own cock. I know, it’s pretty impressive ! I won’t lie, it took a lot of practice and some trial and errors. I love to try new things but I’ll male sure to find pleasures that I can share with other curious gay men for now. Perhaps I could help you out to learn how to self-fuck …

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Conway, AR – peek and sniff my sausage

No matter when you see my post, I am sure I’ll be horny and ready to have a go at it. Especially if you’re down to go on your knees and sniff my balls and my dick. I can’t help it, I love to stuff my big package on a dude’s face and rub all of it on his face. Unlike many dudes in the area, I am not shy about being into men …

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Almost completely relaxed, stud 42yo AR

If you’re like where I was a while back, you might think that there’s not much gays around here. Well you’d be surprised how many closeted guys there are in Craighead County and all the way down to Memphis. Those are the guys I am trying to reach out to with this profile. You won’t find me going out to seduce some girly bottom at a gay bar. I’d rather stay home …

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Won’t stop until you choke on drool, Forrest City

This right here is a cock ment to be enjoyed completely. And I, Garry, 27 years old, am here to make sure that you get the full experience. As in, you get all of my 8 inches inside you. Or as close as your body will let me. Especially when it comes down to stuffing it in your mouth and of course, your throat. This won’t come without some forcing. Either from you, me, or a little bit …

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The beauty of my grower’s cock Centerton, AR

I have been sex dating for quite a while. I am 34 and I’d like to find a more stable relationship. Nothing like a boyfriend or anything. But a fuck buddy that I could rely on for more regular sex without having to and spend precious time on dating apps and in bars. Guys are always curious to witness how it can transform and grow. And just to make it …

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Not ur average bearded metal head, Springdale, AR

I am not your average bearded metal head. First of all, because I’d rather give head on a hard shaft rather then to lay on top of women. This may sound sad to you some of you, but I an gay and exhib fatty metal head of 37 living alone in Springdale, Arkansas. I got the sex life and erotic fetish you’d expect. From BDSM, to other kind of domination, anything …

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Try to tame my propeller, Rogers, Arkansas

Round and round it goes ! See my limp cock spinning in circle as I do the chopper. I am the definition of a shower. 6 inches of dick constantly on display. Maybe you’re even wondering what it would feel like to be cockslaped by my dick. From the reactions I’ve had so far, Men, let’s have a chat and go further shall we …

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