Strong gay puppy from NYC needs new handler

Woof woof ! Make me wine and yelp master. Put a collar on me and take me up for a ride. I’m loyal to my human and will protect him. As you can see, I was well breed and trained. My toned body and my strong muscles are at your disposal. Make go on all four and sit on your shaft and I’ll do it. You may even put me on a leash and walk me in the gayborhood of your choosing in NYC. You’ll be the envy of all the other male humans. But I’m yours.

See, despite being fucking hot. I’m having a hard time finding a suitable master for me. I’ve got particular taste in men and not everyone is firm and dominant enough to satisfy me. Be firm and control me. I mean it. Most men will stop after a while. And that’s when I get tired and end a relation. It’s simple. Control me and you’ll have a gay puppy at your disposal. Woof woof. If you wish so master, I can also mount you. Your wish is your command ! My name is Toby, but of course you may choose a new name for me. I’m 32 YO in humans years so I’m in prime, yet experienced. Don’t wait!

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