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Young horny bisexual in Albany, NY craves dick up his ass

I’m still figuring out my life right now. It’s alright, I call this my self-discover era lol! Now having declared that, I’d love to discover more about myself sexually, would you like to be a part of that journey? I’m bisexual but I’d love to get in bed with more guys. I want to experience how it feels to be dominated, so I need me a buff, big man to come and…

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DILF enjoying sexual enlightenment Harrison, NY

I’ve been trying to get back in shape after my divorce with my wife. At fist I was doing it to find a new girlfriend, but things changed. And now my motivation, beside a better health obviously, is to find gay lovers in Westchester County, NY. Recently I’ve found out that I was into musky sex and odors. My new training regime has a new use …

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Chase this upstate NY hairy bear near Binghamton

I live in Binghamton, New York in Broome County. Unlike other gays, I like to go on hiking trails for more than finding the best cruising spots or hooking up. Poking the bear takes on a different meaning with me as I’ll be the one doing most of the poking. You see, I am a full on top with lush hair on my chest and my belly. As you can see on …

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Next time I’ll spray you instead of me, Freeport, NY

We’re all sperm lover on here. It just so happens that I personally enjoy mine too. That said, I’d love to share it with another man instead of being greedy and keeping it all for myself. Well I work in the service industry to entertain those same tourists and it keeps me in great shape ! Not as a sex worker mind you. I do that part as for fun on my own time lol …

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They/Them Nonbinary needs a fwb New York City

I don’t like being referred to as a man as I don’t identify myself as one. I am a non-binary person and that’s why I want to be refered as they or them. But, you can call me Jaime, or you lol. Or, you’ll just have your mouthful with my cock or my balls to be able to talk. I normally don’t use these terms, but you could say that I am versatile. I’d rather say that I am open to anything …

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Utica, NY – the only curved toy you’ll need

There must be a reason why so many sex toys are curved and textured. They must feel nice inside an ass or a vagina ! Not that I care about the latest, but still, they seem to be really popular. When I go to my local sexshop to purchase poppers for my hook ups, I see this wall of curved dildos and I can’t help but think about my own …

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