Tall lanky naturist roaming around Neenah, WI

Ahh how I wish that I could go back to the moment where this picture was taken. Not only because the temperature was much warmer back then, but also because I had a great lover with whom to share naturist moments. Yup, that’s all in the past. Sure I miss him, but above all else, I miss the thrill and the freedom it gave me. To wander around naked around Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Punctuating the cozy trek with some blow jobs and bareback fucks against trees. Avoiding close calls with other trekkers passing by. Until we go back to my place in Neenah, Wisconsin close by.

So ya, I’d love to find a lover. Hook ups are great, but nothing beats the complicity that comes with a longtime lover. One who would come to know every nook and crannies of my lanky body. I ain’t LankyLuke for nothing. I am over 6’3 and, but barely weight 200 pounds. A part of the reason is because I keep in great shape and love to exercices. I am proud of my toned body and love to expose it. I might look like a redneck, but I pride myself in staying clean and to shave it all down there. No bush, no problem lol. Until the wether gets nicer, we could still get to know each other and have some adventures in the park or at my place. Let me know.

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