LF men with elastic anus, gay dating in Darien, CT

I assume most of you guys are gym rats or are at least members of gym in order to be seen by the gays. Well I am not. I hate going to the gym ! I am not saying that I hate to train, just that I hate going there. Whenever I get the motivation to train, I got to start there and now unless I loose that spark. That’s why I’d rather train at home. That and the fact that I can’t train naked at the gym. I have heard stories about the saunas there, but I know a few other places around town that are better suited for that.

Despite not being a muscle head, I think I manage to have a decent body, don’t you think ? I am quite happy with the results. Again, all of that from a cheap home gym. Who wants a guess pass to my fine establishment ? Dress code is pretty casual. As in, naked. It is not a mere accident that I posted a picture using my elastic bands. I am looking for guys with elastic a-wholes to fit my big jink lol. I live in Darien, Connecticut in Fairfield county between NYC and New Heaven. Come say hi in my DM’s. I’ll give you the infos to join me here.

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