Temple TX - enjoying the warm sun on my D

The days are getting cooler down in Temple, Texas. That said, I still try to enjoy as much rays of sunshine as I can. I lay in my backyard and let the sun kiss my skin. I even got this quiet little spot where none of my neighbors can see. That’s where I like to do some skinny sun bathing. But with the cooler temperature, it has become more of a “take my cock out for the sake of it kind of situation lol”. That’s when I decided to take that picture too. You’ll have to excuse my derpy face as I had the sun in my face lol.

Call me Maximus. Obviously, it is not my real name. I am 38, married and stuck in a life I thought I wanted. Until it got messy and stuck in a boring routine, My backyard is my safe spot. I found out I was actually into men after having an eye opening experience with a buddy of mine. Since then, I have been looking for more and more opportunities to have affairs with men. In secret. In my dream I would invite you here to kiss and blow my cock and to fuck you. But, that’s not possible, unless we plan it right. But, we could always have an affair at a motel or at your place. I got this thick and fat cock that begs for attention. More then I get at home.

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