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Wanna goon together with horny, stout bottom in Lafayette, LA?

My stream is so powerful, it’s bursting and leaking through my shorts. I’m a gooner so after hours of endless edging, finally releasing my pent-up tension feels like magic. It’s fun to do so all alone but, I’ve been thinking how much more challenging and exciting it’d be with someone else! To have a guy ram his cock into me until I’m bulging at the seams, and then suddenly just stop, repeating…

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Fed up of traditional dating spots around Indiana

Some of you might recognize me if you’re a regular to the dating spots around northern Indiana. I am talking from Lafayette to Fort Wayne. In fact, I live in between right in between in Peru in Miami County. I’d rather aim for safer sex dates. Hiding in a bush to blow a guy gets tiring after years of doing it you know …

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Not hiding behind my daddy cock – Carmel, IN

I do live in a nice suburb in Carmel, IN. It’s north of Indianapolis where I got myself a nice home where we could hang, fitting for a hardworking blue collar of 57 who’s been clocking for years. I am newly divorced b the way, so you won’t interfere between me and the missus. Be advised that I may break you and hurt you when I dump you …

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Keeping my hair in check – versa from Gary, IN

ake a look at my chest hair and my pubes. They’re kept in check. while still being masculine and powerful. Just like my beard too ! Groomed and perfect. Come over in my DM if you’re interested in being one of the next ones. Just gotta prove to me that you’re groomed and clean. I got this thing for cleanliness you see …

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Was wrong all along, 23 closeted gay, Kokomo, IN

I have been with some older guys who told me their coming out story of when they were way into their 30s and some even had kids in the meantime. So, all things considered, I am not in a bad situation at all. Well except for the fact that I am in Kokomo, Indiana lol. Seriously, it is not so bad. I am about an hour drive north of Indianapolis so whenever I feel …

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Suburban daddy with a large cock, Brownsburg, IN

I am 44, I don’t do pnp or whatever, I don’t really go to gay bars or frequent events. I guess I am not really a part of the whole community. But I am still horny and down to have sex. I am a true PapaBear. But if I stay home alone and do go out, I won’t get any sex. All I can do is jerk off my fat cock. Unless I posted said cock on here and try to convince men to come here in …

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