Gay sex and cuising in Iowa City

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Another gaymer desperate for attention, Iowa City

I figured I’d turn to my best friend. The Internet. To find local fuck buddies or if not online. I know that I am not alone out there. I just need to get in touch with you guys in order to be touched. Ok that’s corny, but give me a break, I suck at dating. And don’t expect a great fuck either. I ain’t got much experience …

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Secretly gay construction worker lf FWB in Iowa

Just look at my happy grin. You just know that underneath this, emoji, I’m just about as smiley, hence SmileySam. After all, I just had a marvelous ejaculation, and I can see my toned and hard body on my phone screen. The only thing thing that could make me even happier to have a guy’s mouth in which to dump my semen instead of my thigh …

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