Secretly gay construction worker lf FWB in Iowa

Hey fellas. Just look at my happy grin. You just know that underneath this, emoji, I’m just about as smiley, hence SmileySam. After all, I just had a marvelous ejaculation, and I can see my toned and hard body on my phone screen. The only thing thing that could make me even happier to have a guy’s mouth in which to dump my semen instead of my thigh. Ideally, a FWB. The whole ONS game is not my style. I work in the construction business and I can’t spend hours planning and looking at hook up apps during the day like some of you can. I much prefer to have a steady flow of sex with the same guy on weekends, over risking to skip having sex for too long due to a lack of sex dates with random dudes. It can be hard here in the Midwest.

As you can see, I’ve got a cock on the bigger side. I’m strictly top and I am not interested in trying bottoming. In the past, I’ve had hookups with guys who tried to convince me otherwise and I prefer to be clear. Don’t even think about it. Anyway, you’ll be to busy being on the receiving end of things. You may slap my ass, kiss and do other things, but don’t even think about sliding your own dick inside. At 33 years old, I’ve had all the time in the world to make sure to make sure that I don’t want to try it. Not too bad as conditions go in exchange for free regular sex with me no ? As the title says, I’m in Iowa City. Let’s see if we get along in the chat and please include a picture. We could go grab a drink and talk about rules and stuff.

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