Young slutty male in St. Cloud, MN wants a secret FWB

Hey there ! I’m Zack, I’m 20, and I recently moved here to St. Cloud, MN. My hometown friends and I are renting an apartment together while we work and finish off school together. So yes, I’m pretty new to the area, still looking for spots and happy to meet new people anywhere I go. New friends…that might hopefully come with some benefits haha!! I haven’t had no action here yet, so can you blame me? I’m ready to change that asap though!

I’m looking to make a friend with benefits that’s nearby. I need a rough, muscular man that can pick me up and throw me around. With my slim, lean body, it’ll be easy to have your way with me. I like being bossed around and choked like the little bitch boy I am, so treat me that way. Degradation makes my limp little cock so hard. I’m a big gamer so, we can play games in my room and let things take their course! Let me know what you think, and we can plan for a day to hang out! I can’t wait to lock the door and have fun with my secret, hot little fuck buddy.

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