Date a gay guy in : Missouri


Bearded white trash rich in vitamin D Nixa, MO

I am free to live my life as I want it. And that includes jerking off countless times a day. But this shit is shit is getting redundant. That’s why I decided to record this short clip showcasing my big long dick. Don’t know if wishing that I had a man blow me in truck counts as being gay. Regardless, I’d love it …

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Mind my fat 40 cock, not the mess St. Charles, MO

Keep your eyes on the real prize : my fat cock. I promise, I’ll clean up a little before you come in. Unless you tell me that you don’t mind. Bring some beer and snacks, we’ll have a blast. Oh and lately I’ve started experimenting with anal and I’ve been having painful, yet fun times. However, tet me be totally honest with you, I could not take my own cock inside me. I applaud those …

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Ferguson, MO – Prewashed my thick eggplant

I need to find an amateur chef to cook my thick eggplant. I want to fuck your gay ass raw with my thick uncut dick. You can’t say I was not clear enough this time. I am Diego, I am 32 and I live in Ferguson, Missouri, north west of St. Louis. You can say that I am a power top and I train a lot to look and be considered that way. I like to have things go my way during …

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Massive veiny and uncut dick from O’Fallon, MO

I am Eddy, I’m 33 and I am trying something new here ! I’ve never had a complete experience with guys. So far, all I’ve done was showing off my dick and jerking off. And it has always been super fun. I am kind of scared to go on dating app as I am a rookie with guys and I wanted to specify it to you. I have never tried anal. As in never giving it …

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Captain Bat awaiting orders in Hazelwood, MO

I don’t have a shield, but I do have a stick will that do for my impression of Captain America ? My nickname’s Captain Bat, I am an All American stud of 31 living in Hazelwood, Missouri. No surprise there, I am an alpha in the sack. I control everything. Hang on to my rock hard butt and my strong arms and let me take care of you. I know what I am doing with my beautiful cock …

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Size queen gay bottom in Cape Girardeau, MO

What can I say ? I like big stuff and to be filled. Judge me. Just like I would judge you by your dick size. I am a bottom, I got the right to be picky about the dicks that get inside my ass. That’s why the only way I’ll answer to you is if you have a profile picture or if you send me some dick picks. Of course, I’ll send you some more of me and …

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Abundant precum horny jock in Springfield, MO

Could not hold it anymore. Rest assured, this in only precum. I’m prone to producing an extreme amount of precum when I’m super horny. Hence the Precuminator. And creating this online hooking up profile has made me horny at a level over 9000. Lol. It’s a Dragon Ball reference for those of you who were not as geek as me when they were young. Okay …

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Dominant sunkissed dick, gay sex dating in MO

Hmm the sun feels good on my cock. Let this ray of light guide you to my big rod. You know what, call me Ray. Indeed, I wish I had more than the sunlight to kiss my cock and to warm my ass. That’s where your mouth comes into play. And your other whole too. With a cock like this, I can’t be anything else beside a top. Bottoms of Missouri and its surroundings, rejoice. I’m up for grab. Well for a hookup or two …

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Chub blond guy back in the game, Florissant, MI

Fuck. My 20 YO me would not be proud of this 32 YO version of me. I’ve gained weight and let my beard go south. Back then, I could eat all the junk food I wanted and drink even more without gaining an oz. Well things have changed ! I’ve become somewhat chubby and lazy. All I do is work, watch porn and binge watch series. It’s time to …

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