Daydreaming about giving a BJ - St. Peters, MO

I gotta stop lying to myself. I refuse to follow my heart and to accept a simple fact. But lately, it has been so overwhelming. I can’t take my eyes off of randoms bulges without daydreaming of taking the guy’s pants down, getting on my knees and blowing them. So I am finally accepting this simple fact. And I am going all in now. Starting with this dating profile, looking for suck buddies nearby St. Peters, Missouri across the Missouri from St. Louis. Yes I said suck bros, as I am still unsure if I want to go further than bjs and hand jobs. Maybe you could convince me when we get together, but for now I don’t want to claim something I can’t back.

Technically, I ain’t a virgin with men. But my experiences are spread out and so rare that you might as well say that I am. I am 35, single, rather nerdy and lonely. That’s why I am using a dating profile. Call me Thomas for the sake of our first times. I don’t have a type per say as I am curious to try every type of cocks. So don’t hesitate to contact me and please, attach a cock pick, I’ll too want a bj for my hard and straight cock. Help a bro out !

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