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Ribbed, uncut BBC needs sucking in Eugene, OR

I’ve got a 10-inch chocolate candy bar right here for anyone that can fit all of it down their throat, any takers ? It’s uncut with a thick layer of foreskin covering my veiny shaft and topped with a juicy, sticky tip at the top. If that doesn’t sound appetizing to you then I don’t know what to tell ya haha! I live in Eugene, Oregon, very close to the western …

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College boy Corvallis, OR wants to screw in secret

To be straightforward, the only thing I’d love more of is sex. I wanna let my freaky side run wild a bit. The thing is, I’m not out to my friends and family yet so, who’s trying to be my sexy little secret? I’m looking to hookup here and there with a cute little boy toy. I’m super attracted to twinks. I like a small little figure that I can bend and twist to my liking. Obviously, I’m a top …

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Can’t see swollen head in my bulge Monmouth, OR

Don’t let my traditional hetero briefs foul you. I really am a gay guy. I am here for real guys ! Men who could not wait for me to pull my dick out of my boxers after seeing my big bulge in my picture. Well you’re in luck as I am wiping it out in this video. And you can see finally my swollen dick head ! It generally poses quite a challenge for many …

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Keizer, OR – trying my luck as a femboy

I am into deep and hard forced feminization. From makeup, to uniforms and the likes. Nothing is off the table with me. That’s when I feel the most confident and at my best sexually. But not everyone is into guys like me. Even most gays don’t enjoy it. I am looking for a master, or at least, a fuck buddy to by myself with. If that makes sense. A man with whom …

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Tigard, OR – Semi hard and working on my tan

The simple act of undressing in nature turns me on. It connects me to my primal state. I don’t even have time to be fully butt naked that my dick gets semi-hard. As a native from Oregon, the wood and nature is an integral part of who I am. I’ll go out in the woods at least one a week. Either to have a hike Don’t be shy to contact me even if you’ve …

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Exposing my dad body in forests near Corvallis, OR

This freedom and access to so many hikes is part of the reason why I enjoy living in Corvallis, Oregon in between Eugene and Portland. My name’s Vlad, I am a single gay man of 46. I mostly live my sexuality alone and in the woods where I jerk off listening to the sounds of the forest and the nature. I ain’t really good with technology. In fact, I can’t believe …

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Think it will fit ? tight bottom in Medford, OR

I have always liked to challenge myself. In sports, at school, in my new professional, life, everywhere ! Including in my sex and my intimate life. This includes pushing the boundaries of pain and pleasure further. See where I am getting at with me profile pictures ? My name’s TightTom, I am 24 years old and I live in Medford, Oregon. I am a fully …

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Open bathtub for gays in Portland, Oregon

I got room for at least two or three more guys in my hot tub. It could a couple, a trouple or even just some friends. It is actually in my condominium complex, but I can reserve it for an hour or two and we’d be completely alone and peaceful. Well as peaceful as a hot tub full of horny gay men can be ! But, if you prefer, we could …

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Eugene, Oregon – Hairy first timer lf gay sex

I’m new here. My name is Nicholas, I’m 27 and I live in evergreen Eugene, Oregon. I don’t just mean new on the network, I also mean new in the gay scene. I used to be with women 100% of the time. Before I got fed up of being turned down more often than not because I’m hairy. Can you believe that ? Some of those princess can’t …

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