I don’t get the people who throw out the guys they hook up with back in street after they’ve had sex. It always made me feel like shit to be kicked out after being used as a fuck doll with a big bat. I am 34 now and I got my own house in Lynwood, California and I refuse to kick out men after we’ve hook up. Unless of course he was a particular jerk. But in normal situations, you’d be welcomed to stay and sleep by my side if you wanted. Obviously, that’s not only a good Samaritan act as I intend to get lucky in the morning too.

How could you refuse a breakfast like the one I am offering under the sheets. Just take a look at the breakfast sausage. I am sure you could make some room for it. Call me Jerry, I am a hung top looking for bottoms in LA county. I don’t go to party out as often as I used so that’s why I’d rather go straight to the hook up and sex that comes after. It’s the fun part anyway. As you can see, I am quite big. Plus I am also used to being somewhat rough in bed and I’ve passed the stage where I would fuck with new bottoms or gay curious. So only experienced bottoms please. HMU for a sexy sleepover.

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