Would you let me throat fuck you in Santa Cruz, California?

What’s good! I’m Roderick, I’m 25, and I’m here to have fun, plain and simple. With a big fat dick like mine, you can’t blame me for wanting to show it off every second. Now, all I need is for someone to come play with it, stick it in your mouth and go crazy for me. I even got a little heart tatted right there to make the view even prettier for you lol!! Usually, my days are free after 3pm so, I’m tryna use that time to get some action in, it’s been a while lol! I recently got a job as a surf instructor so, my schedule is sooo much more flexible. So yes, I can definitely put you on my “to-do” list!

And you’d be first up! I’ve been so horny lately so I’m looking for a fuckbuddy in the area. My sex drive is truly out of control but if you’re a freak, I know you wouldn’t mind that. I’m into tanner, short guys with a bratty little attitude. I just loveee putting a man in place and giving you the punishment you deserve, cuz there’s no back-talking over here love! So let me put that mouth of yours to use and throat fuck you until you’re gagging. Text me xoxo!

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