Bear fit daddy Jackson, MS will stretch you wide

That. That is the face you’ll make when I lime your little ass with my huge daddy cock. It will hurt. A lot. Brace yourself ! But it will be so worth it after a while. I’ll give you sensations you’ve never felt, or if you’re lucky, probably have not felt so often. I’m Henry, a hung gay daddy of 58. I’ve been told that I look like a bear as I have beard, I’m bald and rather big. So be it. I don’t care in which box I’m supposed to fit in. The only place I care about fitting is inside your ass. And I like a tight fit. Which I mostly get.

I live in Jackson, Mississipi. That’s where I’m looking for hook ups partners ! I’m into fem guys, twinks and sissies 18 and up. If you look masc but act fem, you’re also in my taste and I’ll be inside you. I normally roll bareback, unless you truly insist, but don’t think that’ll make it more comfortable for you. On the contrary. I’ll have to go harder in order to have the same pleasure. Your choice hehe. So, are you ready to recreate this facial expression ? Come over in private and show me.

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