Throat POV of my balls, dick and smile, Delaware

I’m hot right ? Lord knows how sexy I am, even at 36 YO. He made me thick and I thank him every time I wank my wiener. And even more when I get to see the live reaction from my hookups when I drop my pants or shorts. Open your mouth wide and get ready to have sore cheeks. On this picture I’m not even fully hard. Okay, obviously humility is not my forte. Even my nickname Maximus makes me look like I’m boasting. What can I say, I love myself and how I look. To those of would say I’m fat, I’d answer that I am buff and strong. I’m more a powerlifter than a tiny jock who can’t even squat shit. With that being said, I’ve fucked my fair share of those twinks and most of them seem to enjoy my big dumbbell inside them.

I’ll miss my Californian hipsters while I’m gone. Ya, I’m moving to Bismarck, North Dakota for a few months for my work. I’ll make lots of money doing so, but I’ll be lonely as fuck up there. That’s why I’m posting here before leaving. I’m hoping to chat with at least one gay or bi-curious guy over there in order to arrange some fuck dates. Nothing too fancy, we grab beers, a pizza and we fuck. Don’t get too stuffed as you’ll have my dick for dessert.

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