Poke my third eye, sex date New Rochelle, NY

Come take a look at my other eye. I’m not talking about the one tattooed on my chest, but rather my anus who’s waiting to be looked upon. You’ll have to come say hi in private in order to see it. And hopefully, you’ll want to do more than to gaze at it. Here’s hoping you’ll want to poke it with your pleasure stick. As a dominant bottom, I thought about showcasing my ass on my profile, but I figured it would be too predictable. I preferred to tease you a little. I would not want to reveal everything on here. I’ll still tell you that my name is Ryan.

You got to work for it ! I’ll do more than my part when it comes down to riding you and sitting on your cock. I despise those lazy bottoms who just lay on their back awaiting for the top to do everything. It’s never the case with me. My years of experience (I’m 35) have teached me otherwise. I love to take over control, or at least to share it with my partner. Before some of you ask, I am indeed single and I am planning on remaining alone. I’m simply here to find gay sex dates in New Rochelle, NY. Of course we could meet somewhere near the Yankee Stadium if that’s easier for you.

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