Masculine ballerina of your dreams, Santa Rosa CA

Hey y’all. The next time you see your local skinny dude with an afro, don’t underestimate him too much. He probably has a big long cock just like I do. Most people see me as the funny, often high and nonchalant dude. Well I am exactly that, but also add that I’m into men, I’m hung and horny haha. Yes I’m a stoner, but have you ever had sex while being high ? If you’ve got the right stuff than it can boosts the effects of sex tenfold and bring you to new heights ! Imagine that plus my dick in your ass and you’re in for a naughty treat.

I’m Efrem, I’m 24 years old and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a power top, in the sense that I don’t like anything related to my own anus. And that I like to control things during sex. However, I’m not into being too hardcore and those stuff. I’m a chill dude you see. Unless you specifically ask form me to be rough. Otherwise, I’ll go passionately and according to our moods. Especially if we’re under influence. Which I hope you’ll agree. Blow a joint before blowing the best part. Know what I mean ? I’m into every type of body and shape. As long you’re not some racist and tight ass dude, I’m game.

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