Share nudes n more gay dirty chat - Greenwood, IN

It’s crazy what we do online sometimes. How this whole new world allows us to explore our hidden side. Take me. I’m your typical nerdy guy working in IT and not making any noise. I live in a quiet suburb called Greenwood, Indiana nearby Indianapolis. I bet that nobody even thinks that I am gay, or even care about me. I’m just Billy, the 34 YO normal under the radar guy. That’s fine I can live with that. But once I’m home, and even sometimes in public, I love to have dirty chats with total strangers online. That’s my wild side. And you’re more than welcome to join me in it.

Of course, I don’t limit myself to dirty chat, I send nudes and ask them in return. Once I get comfortable with someone, my pictures and my request become wilder. Involving food, fem clothes and much more. I don’t mind about your age, your color or whatever. The male body is sexy, but what is even more sexy is to be with someone who’s letting himself go into this perverted exchange of pictures and ideas. Once again, come join me into this world. I’ll be gentle at first and we’ll have a great time. Perhaps one day I’ll decide to go further and ask you to meet in real life. Perhaps.

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