Bottom planning open door hook ups, Buffalo NY

I suppose I don’t have to mention that I’m a little bottom bitch ? And that bitch needs some juicy cock to fulfill her needs. I’ve got a dirty fantasy. Ever heard of the open door hook ups ? I’m sure you have. Well I’m rather hesitant to do it with guys I’ve never talked to. That’s why I’d like to start things off slowly and plan the set up in advance with you. In other words, to set things up so I know who will end up coming to my place to fuck me. I’ll be waiting for you butt naked and on all 4. My third eye will be watching you enter and undress.

Sounds naughty no ? My name’s Robin, I’m 29 and fucking horny ! I’ve got all these ideas for special hook ups. And I need to find partners of trust to share them with. Like the one I’m describing. I’d want you to surprise me with either your bareback cock inside me, or even maybe your wet tongue all around my smooth rim. I want to hear your ideas, share them with me please. I want to touch myself while reading you. We could even tell them to each other on the cam and watch each other masturbate. Please !

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