Cute soft Latino wants make a mess, Kettering, OH

I love online dating. It boosted my confidence so much. My name’s Marco and I used to consider myself ugly, or banal at best. Another chubby Latino in his 20s who does not like sports and eats too much junk food. Which of course leads to a fat belly and no muscle mass. Not the typical stuff that mes are into when they’re looking for a fuck friend or and adventure. Or so I thought. Turns out the Internet is full of wonderful people who see beauty in every shape. Including mine. It has helped me and comforted me so much to read the kind words that some of you guys offered me.

Of course, I am not only here for kind words but also to hook up and have fun. Which I would have had a lot of trouble finding if it was not for the Internet. Now I get to fuck with men like me, and some even cuter too. Not too shaby for a 22 years old right ? And they said growing up was hard. Not with the Internet and the courage to show your dick online. There’s always willing dude for a fuck somewhere. Even here near Kettering, Ohio in the greater Dayton area. Hail me up online, or at the store if you see me.

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