Conquer my big lumber dick, Spokane, WA

How is it going Evergreen State ? I’m Thick-Lumber-Tim, I’m 35. I might look imposing and rude, but I really am a big soft teddy bear. Expect my cock, wich is everything but soft. On the contrary, it is massive, hard and is prone to cause some some deep oral and anal stretching to those of you who are not used to taking dick as big as this. And of course I am a top. I could not deprive you slutty bottoms of such a huge stick. You crazy fuckers always seem to want them bigger. Well how’s mine ?

I am indeed located in Washington, State. Specifically in Spokane, on the east side of the state next to the border with Idaho. I’m here looking for sex partners and some entertainment. But I’m not really into online stuff. I’d rather have real hookups over Webcams you know. After all, what you’re looking for is to sit on my big dick and to let me have a go at your insides. Bring all the lube you need and so much more. Told you I was a big soft teddy. If you pussy out, I’ll just poke you with the tip. But you’ll live knowing that you did not conquer my thick lumber.

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