Musky breakfast-burrito in Alexandria, LA

Morning guys. Or whenever you’re reading this. It does not matter, as it it always a great time to have a burrito is it not ? Personally, I am more of a breakfast burrito guy, that is I prefer my burrito to be eaten in the morning. Don’t you think it looks just like one ? I am of course referring to my big thick cock. What else !? And you just know that with all that hair, it has this musky masculin smell. If you’re all about odors, then I’m the guy for you. I can guarantee a real feast for your mouth, nose, eyes and hands. We can even include your ears if you get me to moan and beg for more as you pump my dick.

I chose not to reveal my face, as I am here anonymously. I’m already in a relationship, however I want to spice up my sex life a little. Not that it is not great with my bf in the sack, but you know us gays, we always aim for more. In my case, it is more blowjobs. Especially early morning ones. I’m offering to meet you somewhere in the Alexandria, NO area and you could blow my junk in my car. I’m all about a fair trade so I’d give you the favor bac for sure. I’m 37. but does it really matter here ? Find me in the chat at BF-Burrito.

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