Ready to bloom and open up to guys Portland, OR

I’m ready to bloom and open up my legs for a new partner. I’ve waited long enough since the last. I used to keep hoping that this one guy would finally decide to commit with me. We were practically dating and were not seeing anyone else. He kept telling me not to get attached, but I kept hoping that he was getting serious. How I was wrong. He began to ghost me all of a sudden and not returning my text. The next thing I knew, he was tagging himself with another guy who he was obviously fucking. That’ll teach me.

I won’t make the same mistake again. I’m opening my mind and my ass cheeks to different guys. All I ask is that you be honest that you don’t contact me if you’ve got nasty stuff down there. Otherwise, please be in somewhat good shape. Sorry but I can’t get hard with obese guys (Call me a diva I don’t care). You’ll find me under the nickname HardTulip on the network. I’m a 26 years old twink with a long beautiful dick and firm butt cheeks. I live in Portland Oregon. I’d be happy to invite you at my place. Or if you happen to live in Seattle, I would not mind meeting you at your place or somewhere in the Emerald City as it has been too long since I’ve visited. Cya !

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