Extraconjugal gay affair 40+ ginger, Knoxville TN

Hey there fellas. While I like looking at porn of young jocks, there’s nothing like having sex with a man in his 40’s. We’ve got experience and most of the time, we know how to hold our cum longer. At least I know how to. What I’m trying to say is, I’m here to have sex with other men about my age. I’m 47 by the way and my name’s Leon. I call Knoxville, Tennessee my home and have been doing so for most of my life now. I’m no single man and I don’t intend to leave the wife. All I’m looking for is to have some extraconjugal relations. With men.

Wow that’s not an easy affair to call out loud. Men like me were told that it’s a sin to have sex with other guys. Well fuck these rules and let’s fuck each other and have some fun ! We ain’t gonne be able to meet at my place, but we sure could rent a hotel room for more privacy. We’ll have to look into that once we get to talking you and I. Finally, while it might surprise you, I’m quite versatile in bed. Even before having affairs with men, I’ve started masturbating my ass with a dildo. And since then I’ve had many guys knocking at my back door. Care to be the next ? Please attach a picture too.

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