Suck my cannoli and I'll do you manicotti, Chicago

Here’s hoping that my profile is the last one you need to read before you decide on your hookup. That is, if you happen to be in the greater Chicago area and looking for a nightcap. An Italian nightcap to add even more sass and glam to your fantasy. Si, I’m an Italian hung dude offering you a shot at my big cannoli. While your down there, why don’t you give some attention to my big tasty meatballs. You’ll see how juicy and pleasant they are. Or so I’ve been told. Don’t be too quick to drop your pants otherwise I’ll be obligated to taste your manicotti. I just can’t resist an big hard cock. Hold my head, grab my thick hair and guide me toward the base of your penis. Your in good hands, I’m cannoli and I’m 32 years old.

Ok, maybe I’ll be the one taking that nightcap haha. In a classic Italian fashion, I’m somewhat of a macho. By that I mean that I love taking control in the bedchamber. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to satisfy you. Just let your self be taken and be prepared to be pushed against a wall. Sorry in advance, but I might leave a hicky or two on your body. Especially if you’ve got cute love handles. I just can’t resist giving those big kisses. Tempted ? Well just hit me up in the chat. Oh and if you plan on asking money, don’t even bother. I’m here for free sex only.

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