Hung Latino single sun bathing Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey there ! Holà amigo ! My name’s Raúl, a Latino American of 33 living in the greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida looking. If I had to qualify my sexual orientation, I’d have to go with bisexual, but truth be told I hate having to do that. I just love to have sex, regardless of the sex, orientation of my partner. As long as I can share the pleasure of the flesh, have a great time and provide you with an orgasm I’m more than happy. But truth be told, I’ve discovered so much more stuff by having sex with you guys. Your typical girls are pretty straightforward. I mean, I’m literally learned about my prostate lately. And gosh have I knocked at it’s door since then haha.

It has also changed of how I make love, or how I have sex if you prefer. With all that’s happen lately, I’ve come to realize that we should not refrain from trying new experiences and new people. That’s exactly what I am aiming to do here with this post. It’s a fancy way of saying that I want to fuck around with different guys and girls. I’m on prep and always wear protection and I’d ask of you to do the same. At least for the condoms. Just DM me if you’re down. We’ll have a blast. Come sun bathe with me in my private backyard, let’s enjoy life.

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